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Ykee Benda Finally Flies to Russia for World Cup Final, Hits at Enemies

Ykee Benda Brags on Flying to Russia for World Cup Final

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When news emerged that singer Wycliffe Tugume aka YKee Benda was travelling to Russia to perform at the opening ceremony of the World Cup, many dismissed the reports.

He had sang with American star Jason Derulo — but some people still doubted the Kireka boy would sing at the World Cup.

And true to the doubting Thomases’ claims, Ykee Benda did not perform at the World Cup opening event.

But Ykee Benda has finally travelled to Moscow Russia to watch the final game between France and Croatia.

“Now this is the final I am going for,” wrote Ykee Benda. “England is just an overly hyped team..Luck can only take you too far.”

Ykee Benda off to Russia
Ykee Benda off to Russia

That was not before he could brag.

“This is the day that the Lord has made for me to fly to Moscow.  Tonight I will be in Russia whoever is hurt should join me.”

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