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Winnie Kiiza: Let Amuriat Sack Me if He Wants

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Leader of opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza says she is aware of reports of a plan for FDC president Patrick Amuriat to sack him.

Kiiza has also said Amuriat can sack her if he so wishes, adding that she was ready to take on any decision.

Amuriat won last week’s FDC presidential election.

Kiiza, also Kasese Woman MP, supported Mugisha Muntu, Amuriat’s rival.

Amuriat’s camp enjoyed the support of opposition Dr Kizza Besigye, the architect of defiance campaign.

Besigye supporters accuse Muntu and his group of being moles for three-decade president Yoweri Museveni. But Muntu denies working for Museveni. 

There have been reports that Amuriat plans to shake up the opposition in parliament to weed out those who did not support him.

On the chopping table is Kiiza and opposition chief whip Ssemujju Nganda, Muntu’s campaign manager.

But Amuriat has denied such claims. 


Kiiza accompanied Muntu as he made his big announcement at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Wednesday.

Some 13 other opposition MPs were besides Muntu as he announced his next move.

Muntu said he would not quit the party.

Muntu appointed Kiiza leader of opposition in May 2016. Her term is supposed to last two and a half years.

But Amuriat could cut it short.

“I expect them to write to parliament to say they are not going to constitute the leadership in parliament because that is what has been their message,” Kiiza has been quoted as saying.

“They said they believe in one party and one strategy so let them walk the talk.”

She has also vowed to defy Amuriat and Besigye’s ideology of defiance without organised party structures.

“That’s why I may disagree with my leadership at Najjanankumbi because when they tell me to defy when I think it requires organization, then I will defy them.”


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