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Why Frank Gashumba Blocked Daughter Sheilah From Renting Own House

I Don't Want Sheilah to Become a Single Mother -- Frank Gashumba

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Social activist Frank Malingumu Gashumba has severally blocked her daughter Sheilah Gashumba’s pleas to leave home and rent her own house.

Frank Gashumba is a ‘successful’ businessman; his daughter Sheilah has minted money from working as a TV presenter from an early age, as well as gigs from several companies.

Yet when news of Frank beating Sheilah Gashumba came out last week, some wondered why Sheilah had left home to rent — and become independent.

Apparently, Frank Gashumba is a disciplinarian. He insists he will not let Sheilah Gashumba get wasted under his watch — not even the government or the nosy human rights activists will get into Gashumba’s way to instill morals in his daughter.

He also says he has invested a lot in her daughter since separating with her mother years ago.

But why exactly would Frank Gashumba block his daughter, who has some money of her own, from renting her own house?

According to Frank Gashumba, such an act would not only be strange but also horrible.

He can’t understand why young girls the age of Sheilah Gashumba would be renting their own houses.

Frank is worried that Sheilah would easily turn into a single mother if she left home.

“I see some girls renting at the age of 18. I find that weird and abominable,” Frank Gashumba told Spark TV on Friday.

“These are some of the reasons as to why we have so many single mothers these days.”

Frank Gashumba: Sheilah’s Mother is My Daughter’s Biggest Problem


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