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Why Weasel Fired Manager Chagga after Mowzey Radio Death

Weasel Explains why he Kicked out Chagga

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Weasel accuses Chagga of mismanagement.


Chagga. Courtesy Photo
Chagga. Courtesy Photo

Mowzey Radio Death

According to Weasel, Chagga thought the singer would have no future after Mowzey Radio’s death.

“You think I am down because Radio died and you can now steal me,” Weasel says of Chagga.

“I am quiet and you think I am stupid but I am wise.”

Brian White

Apparently, Chagga had advised Weasel to fire socialite Brian White for disrespecting him.

But Weasel later reconciled with Brian White.

“You (Chagga) want me to leave Brian White, why?”

Weasel also revealed that Brian White “gave us Shs 400,000 when we left Chameleone”.

“The only guy who can give me money is Brian White.”


According to Weasel, Chagga was taking all the money from the shows.

Weasel has also revealed that the only reason he joined music was to make money.

He also adds he has ‘many children” to take care of.

Weasel: Chagga is Manager for Failures

Weasel also accuses Chagga of telling him to perform in places he calls local yet he is an ‘international artiste’.

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