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Video: Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega’s Message That Angered Bobi Wine Supporters

Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega Blasts Bobi Wine for Being a Drug Addict and Promoting Homosexuality

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A social media storm between Phaneroo Ministries’ Apostle Grace Lubega and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s supporters is still raging.

It all started after Apostle Lubega launched a veiled attack against Bobi Wine, shredding his character into smithereens of unfitness to lead Uganda as president.

Since emerging on the active political scene in 2017, Bobi Wine has been cagey about his presidential ambitions.

And before he could declare, Apostle Grace Lubega took time to shout Bobi Wine’s ugly past and present into the ears of his followers.

Without mentioning Bobi Wine’s name, Apostle Lubega used phrases such as:    ‘a drug addict’, ‘a ganja man’, ‘a fellow of side B’, ‘a man with a side B’,  and ‘a man whose God is weed’ to refer to some Ugandan with presidential ambitions.

He even alluded to the ghetto – Bobi Wine grew up in the ghetto of Kamwokya and for years answered to the title ‘ghetto president’.

“If you have not changed the ghetto, you are not going to change a nation!” said Lubega.

“The answer is somewhere but not in you.”

He further told Bobi Wine to “stop selling your nation” because “your nation deserves better”.

“Africa will rise through men and women of God,” he prophesied.

“Uganda can’t be secular, Africa can’t be secular, Jesus needs to come in.”

Lubega, aware of the sharpness of his words, apologized to some of those angered by his sermon.

“If I have offended you I am sorry but you can’t tell me that I can front a guy with a Side B,” said Lubega.

Video of apostle Grace Lubega attacking Bobi Wine in Phaneroo Sermon





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