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Video: Mwijukye Declares Himself President of Buhweju Republic after Museveni Attacks

Mwijukye: Museveni Should Stop Claiming Credit for What I Have Done for Buhweju

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After three-decade president Yoweri Museveni called him a ‘useless” MP, Francis Mwijukye has declared Buhweju County as republic and announced himself as president.

Campaigning for science and technology minister Dr Elioda Tumwesigye, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate in Sheema Municipality election, Museveni castigate the people of Buhweju for rejecting his candidate for Mwijukye, a useless MP.

Mwijukye has since declared himself the president of a constituency, which Museveni said he had scrapped of Uganda’s map since the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate was elected in 2016.

Addressing a rally at Kabwohe on Monday, Mwijukye introduced himself as “the president of Buhweju”.

The MP said issues concerning Buhweju directly affect Sheema.

“To connect to Buhweju, a road has to start in Sheema,” he said.

“Some people were saying there are no services in Buhweju because the MP belongs to FDC. Did government start to tarmac a road her and stop at Nyakambu so that the road does not connect to Buhweju? What happens when the person you have been telling lies about returns from his garden?”

Mwijukye told an enthusiastic crowd that he had only spent two years in parliament, yet he had managed to do a lot for Buhweju.

“I didn’t find Buhweju on the map,” he said.

“Museveni had scrapped off Buhweju from the map of Uganda for 30 years. I have returned it on the map in these two years.”

The legislator asked the people of Sheema to put ‘Museveni’s disrespect’ to an end.

“Museveni said he struck Buhweju off the map. So, he should not take credit for the electricity, roads and health centres I have extended to Buhweju. I am the president of Buhweju,” said Mwijukye after scoffing at the president, and NRM party chairman, for spending 10 minutes of his 30-minute speech criticizing him.


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