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UNHCR Boss Arrested for Sodomizing Kitgum Girls

Police Arrested Ali Khemis after MP Anywar Intervention

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According to Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar, Khemis sodomized Little Palace Hotel waitress Jenefer Acan, a waitress and other girls in the district of in Kitgum.

Khemis, who is UNHCR Team Leader in Kitgum has reportedly been luring his victims most of whom are female into carnal knowledge, contrary to the Penal Code Act.

Anywar would later assist Acan report Khemis at Kitgum Central Police Station on February 14, 2018.


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Anywar addressed reporters at Parliament on Monday.

She was teary. She wanted to come along with Jenefer Acan, she said, but the 22-year old was in a bad state.

“This 22year old lady Acan Jenefer is in bad state,” said Anywar.

“She was sodomized by the team leader of UNHCR a one Khemis. I was supposed to have come with her here but she is in too much pain and stool flows without her control.”

Anywar was hopeful the investigation would nip the vice in the bud. She lauded UNHCR staff for their quick response.

“I am glad that after we exposed this beastly act by the UNHCR staff, a team of senior investigators led by a one Ian Hamilton from Geneva came here for fact-finding mission,” she said.

“They talked to the victims and indeed confirmed that Khemis is one of their staff and added that he has no diplomatic protection and must face the laws of Uganda.”

Last week, Khemis’ file was sent to Kampala.

Director Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID) Grace Akullo is following the file closely.

Khemis had attempted to frustrate the case at Kitgum CPS. That had prompted the transfer of the case to Gulu — where he had also followed it.

“I am glad to report that Khemis has been arrested and detained at Jinja Road Police,” said Anywar.

“He will face the laws of Uganda. I also urge other people who have been victimized by this man to come out and make statements.”

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