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Ugly War of Words as Winnie Kiiza’s Husband Accuses Besigye-Amuriat FDC Faction of Working for Museveni

We Have Formed another Party – Yokasi Bihande

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The rift within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Uganda’s largest opposition political party, has widened with former leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza and her husband Yokasi Bihande Bwambale taking on party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

It all started when Kiiza claimed that armed men had besieged their (family) home in Kasese.

Later, Bihande would tell NBS that Amuriat’s faction of the FDC, which also includes four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye, was working for President Yoweri Museveni.

“The FDC of Amuriat is working for NRM [Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement party],” said Bihande on Monday.

“It can’t be trusted.”

Enter Ronald Muhinda

It was this interview that irked Ronald Muhinda, Besigye’s aide.

Muhinda, dug up Bihande’s ugly past, arguing he was worse than those he was accusing.

In Ronald Muhinda’s Words…

I love politics of honesty. Mr. Yokasi Bihande says he and his group are incorruptible. May be they are indeed incorruptible. But Yokasi Bihande was convicted of EMBEZZLEMENT of millions of shillings by Catherine Bamugemereire of Anti-corruption court in 2012. The money was tax payers money. That is on record.

The decision was upheld by the Constitutional Court in 2015 and he lost his Bukonzo East parliamentary seat. That is also on record. He was MP on FDC ticket.

He was also barred from holding a public office for 10 years. Now he is saying he is incorruptible and accuses FDC of being like NRM.

And indeed if FDC MPs can be convicted of corruption, then it’s possibly true that some FDC members behave like NRM members.

Great if Bihande reformed but if there are other corrupt FDC members, they should be forced to vomit public funds.

Reports of Armed Men at Winnie Kiiza’s Home: Police Blasts former LoP’s Husband


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