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UCC Bans Sale of Simcards, Airtime on Streets, Sets Tough Guidelines for Simcard Registration

Why UCC Has Banned Sale of Simcard, Airtime on streets

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UCC executive director Eng Godfrey Mutabazi told reporters in Kampala on Friday that from now on, we shall not allow any hawkers of communication gadgets before the implementation of the new improvements”.

“We have introduced card readers where all the people will have to put in their particulars.”

Mutabazi announced a ban on “sale of SIM cards through hawkers,street vendors/agents and any other establishment that aren’t licensed by KCCA or other municipal town authorities”.


  • All telecom operators must immediately recall all SIM cards that are held in stock by street vendors/agents/hawkers.
  • Telecom operators to acquire & install card readers at their service centres to validate National ID information during subscriber registration
  • The information will be instantly verified against the national database maintained by NIRA Uganda and hosted by UCC.
  • All Telecom operators shall immediately recall and deactivate all pre-activated and or pre-registered SIM cards that are currently in stock
  • All Telecom Operators shall make available facilities on their respective networks through short code 197 to enable the public to verify which numbers are registered using their NiNs.

Mutabazi also announced that all mobile phone shops should register for easy tracking.

“These phones being sold are not eligible, from now on all should register so that we can have authentic equipment which can be traceable,” said Mutabazi.

UCC’s move comes on the heels of the murder of administrator Susan Magara.

Magara’s kidnappers, and later killers, used scores of illegal simcards to communicate to her family.

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