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Tension on Migingo Island as Ugandan Soldiers are Accused of Pulling Down Kenyan Flag

Kenyan MP Accuses Ugandan Forces of Arbitrary Arrests on Migingo Island

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A fresh row has erupted between Uganda and her eastern neighbor of Kenya regarding the island of Migingo in Lake Victoria.

The row over the island has dragged on since 2004.

Migingo Island spans one acre and is largely rocky.

The two countries had agreed that security forces from the two countries should oversee the island, and allow the two nations’ flags.

But Kenya is now accusing Ugandan forces of pulling down her flag and its post.

“They pulled down the flag and warned the Kenyan police deployed on the island against making such attempts again,” Kenyan media quoted Migingo beach management unit chairman John Obunge as saying.

The reports of aggression come barely a week after a Kenyan MP made claims of arrests of Kenyans by Ugandan forces.

“It is sad that arbitrary arrests and intimidation continues to be visited upon Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria despite persistent calls from leaders to have the matter resolved,” said Nyatike MP Tom Odege.

“The Ugandan security forces continue to arrest our people who are doing business on the island.”

Odege called on Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to meet with Uganda’s Museveni  and “revisit this matter with his Ugandan counterpart YoweriMuseveni because he swore to protect all the Kenyan boundaries in his capacity as the commander-in-chief”.

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