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Stella Nyanzi: Muntu has Shamed Museveni’s NRM

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Stella Nyanzi. The university Professor, Reseacrher and Activist says Muntu's recent decision to stay in FDC has shamed ruling NRM party.
Stella Nyanzi. The university Professor, Reseacrher and Activist says Muntu’s recent decision to stay in FDC has shamed ruling NRM party.

My maximum respect goes to Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu who has raised the bar of democratic elections in Uganda.

What maturity of character and leadership he manifest!

Today [November 29] he pulled out his defiant card and defied all who expected him to flee away from FDC or to rebel against Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA)’s leadership!

I respect the fact that he is alive to the conflicts, complications, and contradictions in the party, and refuses to pretend that all is well. However he remains well-grounded in FDC! Kudos, great leader!

He has made naysayers swallow their bitter lies about how he is forming a third force that would splinter the FDC party.

Lies were running amok about 25 Members of Parliament deserting FDC to join his new political party.

Lies were circulating about the Leader of Opposition and Opposition Chief Whip losing their positions in parliament because of joining this imaginary political party!

Lies, lies and more lies were buzzing…

By remaining in FDC, Maj Mugisha Muntu has shamed those who expected him to run back to the oppressively dictatorial NRM.

Surprisingly, many die-hard NRM supporters were loudly mouthing that they hoped he made a decision that would fragment the FDC party to its death.

As for the mole allegations, it beats logic that a mole was elected to the leadership of the party and served in that capacity for the last five years. Why elect a mole to lead the party?


  • Given that the good democrat is remaining with his supporters in the FDC under the leadership of POA, healing and reconciliation are important preliminary processes for rebuilding a semblance of party cohesion.
  • Secondly, while diversity of approach is important to achieve the common goal of ousting Museveni’s regime, disunity in the party is unhealthy.

There is urgent need to harmonise the co-existence of the different approaches that threaten to splinter the party.

  • Thirdly, however difficult the combined POA-Muntu FDC is, it is much more appealing to many more Ugandans than just a Muntu FDC or just a POA FDC.

Dr Stella Nyanzi is a university professor, researcher and activist

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