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Rema Opens Up on Eddy Kenzo Cheating Claims

Rema Hits at Ritah Kaggwa over Eddy Kenzo Cheating Allegations

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Rema Namakula, a Ugandan singer, has spoken out on reports that her ‘boyfriend’ Eddy Kenzo is cheating on her with a US based woman named Salma.

The claims of Eddy Kenzo and Salma cheating spree came to the social scene days ago after blogger Ritah Kaggwa claimed she had information from a one Cynthia that the “Sitya Loss” singer had another woman in Boston.

Kaggwa and Cynthia even claimed Eddy Kenzo had impregnated Salma.

She is three months pregnant, Cynthia and Kaggwa claimed.

Rema Responds to Ritah Kaggwa’s Claims on Eddy Kenzo Cheating With Salma

But Rema has come out to say she does not know Kaggwa.

“I don’t know Ritah Kaggwa, I have never talked to her and she doesn’t know my number. I don’t believe in negative vibes,” Rema told entertainment station Spark TV.

“How would you know what happens to my home when she doesn’t stay with me?”

For now, Rema says Eddy Kenzo cheating allegations are “not my concern”.

“I have a lot of worries like my hair, nails, my daughter’s welfare, where will I take my daughters over the weekend”,” said Rema.

She added that she didn’t even “look stressed” over Kenzo-Salma cheating claims because “everyone is responsible for their activities”.

“Why would I be responsible for someone’s activities?”

Eddy Kenzo Speaks on Reports of Dumping Rema for ‘Pregnant American Girlfriend Salma’


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