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Police Tells Tycoons to Beef Up Own Security after Death Threats from ‘People’s Agency’ Criminal Gang

Onyango: Some ‘People’s Agency’ Criminal Gang Members Arrested

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Uganda Police has told businessmen to beef up their own security after death threats from a city criminal gang named ‘People’s Agency’.

A statement issued by police deputy spokesperson Patrick Onyango on Thursday indicates that “criminal elements are circulating threatening letters to the business community”.

Patrick Onyango.
Patrick Onyango.

“The letters are allegedly written and circulated by a group calling themselves ‘People’s Agency’,” said Onyango.

On the contents of the letters, Onyango said they were meant to intimidate businessmen and extort millions of money from them.

‘People’s Agency’ criminal gang members are demanding between $30,000 and $45,000, further revealed Onyango.

“We would like to assure the business community and all peace loving Ugandans that the criminality of this group is being investigated and all those found practicing the same will be prosecuted in accordance with the law,” said Onyango.

He also revealed that “some arrests have been made” in connection to the threats.

He added that more members of the ‘People’s Agency’ group were on the police’s watch list and were being followed up.

‘People’s Agency’ Death Threats: Police Tells Businessmen to Beef Up Own Security

“We want to appeal to the business community to equally enhance their personal security and safety at their residences, workplaces, and when travelling,” advised Onyango.

“This can be done by CCTVs, escorts, and deployment of guard dogs if possible.”

Police has also advised tycoons to hire guards from private security organizations to beef up security.

Onyango further advised businessmen to avoid carrying heavy amounts of money since these would attract attackers.

“They should also avoid yielding to the demands of extortionists and they should be vigilant and report whoever delivers such letters,” further wrote Onyango.

He also warned bodaboda cyclists against “carry such letters as they will likely become accomplices” if they don’t report, those contacting them to deliver the letters, to the police.

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