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Police Speaks out on Arrest of Lulume Bayiga

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Uganda Police has explained why they arrested former Buikwe South MP Dr Lulume Bayiga at the weekend.

Police arrested Lulume Bayiga at Ngogwe Sub-county headquarters on Sunday.

Rotary Club of Mukono had invited Dr Bayiga, a medical doctor, to help treat the elderly at a Rotary health camp.

Police would later arrest Bayiga and detain him at Lugazi Police Station.


“They humiliated me before the people in my area and those I was treating. Not even the world’s most wanted terrorist could be treated the way police did to me,’’ Bayiga told reporters.

Police rushed Bayiga to its hospital for first aid and treatment.

Democratic Party president general Norbert Mao visited Bayiga on Sunday. Mao condemned the arrest of Bayiga.


But Sezibwa Region Police spokesperson Hellen Butoto says police arrested Bayiga on charges of assault, holding an unlawful assembly and inciting violence.

Butoto also denies Bayiga’s claims that he was manhandled.

‘’We treated him with a lot of respect and actually it is him who punched one of our officers,” said Butoto.


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