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Stray Bullet! How Bobi Wine Driver Was Killed

Police: Bobi Wine Driver Yasin Kawuma Killed by Stray Bullet

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Yasin Kawuma Kawooya, a driver to emerging political figure and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine was Monday evening shot dead in Arua municipality.

There have been conflicting reports on how and why Yasin Kawuma Kawooya was shot.

Bobi Wine said the murder was an attempt at his life.

“Police has shot my driver dead thinking they’ve shot at me,” said Bobi Wine on Monday.

Bobi Wine’s social media manager would later claim the killers “thought they had gunned down Bobi Wine”.

On who is responsible for the shooting, Bobi Wine heaped blame on both police and Special Forces Command (SFC).

What Police Says

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima has warned against rushing to conclusions.

“Let’s look at the facts first before we apportion blame,” said Kayima.

“The investigations should be able to answer all our questions surrounding the death of Yasin.’

According to police, Bobi Wine’s driver was shot by a stray bullet in the ensuing chaos after supporters of former Terego County Kassiano Wadri, now vying to replace slain MP Ibrahim Abiriga in a Wednesday byelection, and Bobi Wine attacked President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy.

This is what Kayima said about the shooting:

  • What happened yesterday is that the presidential motorcade was attacked by crowds and one of the lead cars was smashed. This all happened while the president was leaving Boma grounds after campaigning for Nusura Tiperu.
  • When President Museveni was going to Boma grounds for the final rallies, he was met by a tractor that had the red ribbons. When leaving the grounds, he was then met with Hon. Wadri’s supporters.
  • The intervention to calm down this situation resulted into one person being shot by a stray bullet but the situation was managed after.

Earlier West Nile Police Spokesperson, Josephine Angucia said Yasin Kawuma “could have been hit by a stray bullet as police tried to clear the way for the President’s convoy”.

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