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Pastor Wilson Bugembe: I’ll Marry Next Year, My ‘Bride’ is Completing Her Studies

Pastor Wilson Bugembe on Marriage, Sasha Catherine

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Bugembe has explained why he has taken long to marry.

The ‘Kani’ singer told NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe on Friday that he was “ashamed to even talk about his delayed marriage”.

Bugembe said even Buaganda queen Nnabageraka Sylivia Nagginda had challenged him.

“She told me her cloth for my wedding is getting old,” revealed Buganda.

“It’s an old song.”

So why did Bugembe’s marriage delay?

Bugembe gave three reasons why his marriage delayed.

  • I had a dream for a church
  • I looked after many children
  • God chose me at a young age and needed to do many things before I could marry


Bugembe revealed he was nursing a heart break after a woman he wanted to marry was snatched.

“I got a woman but never told her and they took her. I was hesitant. I didn’t attend her party.”


Bugembe further revealed: “I have someone”.

“She is completing studies. I will not reveal her name. My wedding is this year. In the next 16 months, after I have built a church.”

Bugembe also spoke on Shasha Catherine, a woman he was reportedly dating.

“Sasha is Beautiful, Married, I’ve Never Seen Her.”

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