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Oulanyah: I’m Ready to Die Fighting Nodding Disease

Jacob Oulanyah on Fighting Nodding Disease Syndrome

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In a Thursday Tweet Chat at parliament, Oulanyah once again criticised the health ministry for being insensitive to nodding disease patients.

At the weekend, Oulanyah and Omoro district leaders blasted health minister Ruth Aceng.

Aceng previously said the last cases of nodding disease in northern Uganda were recorded six years ago.

On Wednesday, junior health minister Sarahh Opendi told parliament government had set up rehabilitation centres in affected districts.

The most affected are Kitgum, Pader, Omoro and Lamwo districts.

“I felt pain when the minister [Opendi] yesterday said they have set up 20 rehabilitation centres,

but when you go down there, centres are not functional,” said Oulanyah.

“The medicines are there, but the means to carry them to the outreach centres are not there.”

“I’m going to move mountains or die trying.

“I will commit my time. No one will sleep until those children are well. We shall fight the disease.”


“I’m going to move mountains or die trying,” said Oulanyah.

“I will commit my time. No one will sleep until those children are well. We shall fight the disease.”

Oulanyah also warned against politicizing nodding disease.

“We need to remove any shadows of politics in this matter. Why should everything have a political dimension?”

“This is a human problem and not about who belongs to which party.”

Also Omoro county MP, Oulanyah, that Opendi’s suggestion that Shs 73m be sent to help in the crisis is “a joke”.

“I heard the minister yesterday say we are in process of releasing Shs73m,” said Oulanyah.

“Shs73m to help about 3000 affected families? This is a joke.”

MPs asked for Shs 1.2bn to deal with nodding disease,  a severe neurological disorder that manifests as seizures, head nodding, cognitive impairment, and multiple disabilities.

The syndrome is prevalent among children between the age of 3 and 18.

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