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Ofwono Opondo: Besigye Fighting Muntu to Become FDC Sole Candidate in 2021

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Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo says four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye fought Mugisha Muntu so as to be FDC’s sole candidate in 2021.

Dr Besigye has run against three-decade president Yoweri Museveni, albeit unsuccessfully, four times.

Besigye was Museveni’s personal doctor during the bush war that brought the ruling National Resistance Army (NRA) to power in 1986.

Besigye would later fall out with Museveni and contest against him in 2001.

He has since opposed Museveni.

But Besigye’s next hurdle is how to fight the temptation to overstay in opposition — just like Museveni, his opponent has overstayed in government.

Put the other way, Besigye is already Museveni’s perennial challenger.

Four years to the next election in 2021, Opondo argues that Besigye used last month Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential election to position himself for 2021.


Ofwono Opondo
Ofwono Opondo

In an opinion published on the Uganda Media Centre blog last month, Ofwono Opondo argues that FDC has thrown Muntu, a former army commander, under ‘the rickety FDC truck’. 

He further pokes holes into Besigye’s backing of Patrick Oboi Amuriat against Muntu. 

Opondo further says that Besigye supported a weakling who failed to retain a parliamentary seat.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat takes oath as FDC president. Photo: Nicholas Bamulanzeki
Patrick Oboi Amuriat takes oath as FDC president. Photo: Nicholas Bamulanzeki

Amuriat lost his Kumi Municipality seat to  Ismael Orot. Amuriat had represented the constituency for 15 years.

But Amuriat, recently, hit back at Ofwono for calling him a weakling.

It was this Amuriat who defeated Muntu. 


Mugisha Muntu shakes hands with Besigye at a party event. Ofwono Opondo says Besigye is eyeing FDC's 2021 flag.
Mugisha Muntu shakes hands with Besigye at a party event. Ofwono Opondo says Besigye is eyeing FDC’s 2021 flag.

Opondo describes Besigye as “the bully child who never allows others to play with his toys”.

He adds that Muntu’s defeat was Besigye’s “soft coup against Muntu”.

“Besigye has masterminded a soft coup against Muntu, which leaves Amuriat hostage, and without doubt, eyes firmly set on the FDC flag in 2021,” Opondo opines.

He further claims that Besigye could be positioning wife Winnie Byanyima to succeed him as FDC flag bearer.

“Besigye could as well install his wife Winnie Byanyima recently moved from London to Nairobi as elections draw closer,” Opondo further writes.

Besigye and wife Winnie Byanyima
Besigye and wife Winnie Byanyima

But Winnie Byanyima spoke to BBC Hard Talk on Monday about reports of her 2021 presidential bid.

Opondo expresses doubts at why FDC kicked out of Muntu, replacing him with Amuriat. He insists the election was just to please Besigye.

“I cannot shed off the suspicion why FDC allowed this to happen except for the pleasure of making Besigye the-ever-present groom at their wedding parties, or to say that nothing works without him.”

It should be noted that Pro-Besigye (and pro-Amuriat) supporters accused Amuriat of being a mole for president Museveni. But Muntu has rubbished the claims. 

Many also thought Muntu would leave FDC after losing to Amuriat. But Muntu chose to remain in the party.

And Besigye, a man Opondo claims fought Muntu, praised him (Muntu) for not leaving FDC.

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