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No Witness to Pin Officer who Stole Shs 100 Million from Kayihura’s Office; Kirumira Refuses Trial Off Camera

No Witnesses in Kayihura Shs 100m Theft; Kirumira Refuses to Deefend Himself in Camera

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Kirumira refused to submit his defense, arguing that he could not do so when the police court had failed to produce witnesses.


Kirumira also swore not to make submissions without the press.

“I will not attend court unless the media is allowed to cover the proceedings,” said Kirumira.

“The media is reporting exactly what happens in court.”

He added: “There are no new witnesses being produced. They want to try me in darkness.”

“Unless the media is not allowed to report, I won’t go to court.”

I’m ready to return to Nalufenya for incarceration, further vowed the maverick officer.

“I won’t tolerate any threats.”

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Kirumira told court to acquit him of this charge, saying prosecution had failed to adduce implicating evidence.

In 2013, officers in Kayihura’s office stole Shs 100m.

Accusing fingers pointed at assistant commissioner Michael Mugabi.

But police tribunal officer Katherine Kusemererwa had no evidence to pin Mugabi — or Kirumira for reportedly releasing Mugabi.

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“Mr Chairman: I request this court to dismiss this count of unnecessary exercise of authority in which prosecution alleges that I released a suspect accused of stealing Shs 100m from former IGP Kayihura’s office,” said Kirumira.

“This case has no evidence and besides, the complainant withdrew the case long time ago.”

On the charge related to the unlawful arrest of a one Allan Ainebyona, Kirumira said the witness was a criminal.

Ainebyona and three other had planned a robbery in Nansana, said Kirumira.

I found Constable Allan Ainebyona with three criminals that I knew very well because they had been released on bond.

I asked him to identify himself but he declined.

I searched him and I found a broken warrant card hidden inside his shoes.

Why would an officer who is on a lawful duty fear to identify himself?

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