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Nicholas Opiyo Wins German Africa Prize

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Uganda human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo is the recipient of the 2017 German Africa Prize.


The German Africa Foundation sponsors the prize.

The prize rewards “outstanding individuals for their long-standing endeavors to foster democracy, peace, human rights, art, culture, the social market economy and social concerns”.

The awarding ceremony happened in Berlin, Germany on Thursday.


Opiyo is the founder of Chapter Four Uganda, a human rights organisation.

For over a decade now, Opiyo has defended Ugandans whose human rights have suffered violation at the hands of government and security agencies.


“It is as humbling as it is exciting to receive the 2017 German African prize,” Opiyo told DW.

“I must say it came as a surprise, but I’m elated to receive it. I cannot thank the German African foundation enough for the award.”

Asked why the award was important for Uganda Opiyo said: “I think it is important for our work in Uganda because it provides an opportunity for us to tell the world, especially the German public, about our work; to bring our work to the German people,” Opiyo told DW’s Danial Pelz.

“But more importantly it will provide us with some additional layers of security, because when you receive this kind of award it brings with it publicity and facilitates connections with people. And this makes you safer in an environment such as the one in which I am working in.”


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