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Nabbi Omukazi, Pastor Yiga Reconcile, Start ‘Eating Forbidden Fruit’ Again

Nabbi Omukazi Maggie Kayima, Pastor Yiga Bury Hatchet

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Weeks ago, Nabbi Omukazi stung Pastor Yiga for performing fake miracles, and conning a tycoon of his land.

Years ago, Nabbi Omukazi and Pastor Yiga were in a relationship, eating the forbidden fruit the way Adam and Eve did.

It also started when Pastor Yiga injected cash in Nabbi Omukazi Maggie Kayima’s music career under Revival Band.

But when they fell out with each other, Pastor Yiga ran n*de photos of Maggie Kayima in a shrine.


Now, sources at Pastor Yiga’s Revival Church in Kawaala have told Pearl Life that the controversial pastor has renewed ‘forbidden fruit eating sessions’.

Nabbi Omukazi Maggie Kayima says that she “can’t leave Yiga” based on “what I saw from Pastor Yiga”.

She further praises Yiga: “You know even a bad guy has some good things. I’d his back, he had my back.”

Although she denied reports that they she was serving her ‘fruit’ to the pastor “we are back as friends”.

‘The pastor has a wife. We’ve forgiven each other. We want to stop mudslinging each other.”

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