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My Story: Bryan White Finally Reveals Source of His Money, Opens Up on Family Troubles

Profile: What You Didn't Know About Bryan White

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Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White has opened up on the source of his wealth weeks after a Facebook blogger claimed the socialite had acquired riches by crooked means.

Recently, a one Ashiraf Kato aka Ashburg Katto was detained on orders of Bryan White after he accuse the ‘tycoon’ of engaging in illicit drug trade, among other means, to attain his wealth.

Ashburg Katto’s charge sheet would later be amended to broadcasting pornography.

But even when Katto’s allegations seem to have lost steam, Bryan White is not ready to take chances.

He has come out to explain his family background and the source of his wealth.


My biography and source of income

My name is Kirumira Brian and commonly known as Bryan White.

White was given to me by my Step father Claudio an Italian who passed on two years back.

I am an orphan. I was born in 1985 and at the age of one my father abandoned us.

I am the last born of four. Our first born is Sarah Kasumba who lives in Italy, our second born was Kalule Edward who passed on and the third born is Kabwama Robinson. Our other step brother from our Italian stepfather passed on as well.

When our father abandoned us, our mother left for Italy sometime in 1986 for greener pastures, I was a year old then.

My mother then got married to an Italian business man called Claudio who was dealing in real estate. He would buy old houses, renovate them and re-sell them as new.

He accumulated funds and grew bigger in business. I later learned that my mother had contracted HIV together with her then husband.

My mother had had a son Michael with our step father Claudio but unfortunately he too passed on too later.

In 1993 my mother returned to Uganda and that is how I met my step brother. When she returned she took with her our elder sister Sarah.

Unfortunately in 1997 my mother died and Sarah took over business with my step-father. 1999 our brother Kalule died.

Sarah then started sending us some money and its then that I started doing business too. I would buy and sell cars and make off small profits.

In 2014 our step-father died. Last year in September, my sister Sarah gave me a call and asked I travel to Italy and meet the lawyers of our late step-father’s estate company.

He had left a WILL and I was to carry on with his business, I was his heir.

He has quite a significant amount of savings on his account and it’s from that that I brought some to Africa and precisely Uganda.

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