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Museveni, Xi Jinping Set to Discuss Taxes, Licensing of Ugandan Teachers of English Language in China

Ugandans in China Meet Museveni; Narrate Challenges of Working in the Country

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President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday held a meeting with over 100 Ugandans living in China, at the embassy’s gardens in Beijing, during which at least three major issues were discussed.

President Museveni, currently in China where he had travelled for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), is expected to further discuss the issues raised by Ugandans when he meets Chinese president Xi Jinping on Thursday.

The issues raised are: high taxes levied on processed Ugandan products to China as well as the accreditation and licensing of Ugandan teachers of English language in China.

Museveni meets Ugandans in China. Courtesy Photo
Museveni meets Ugandans in China. Courtesy Photo

The issues were raised by six Ugandan representatives who represented their colleagues.

“I began my company in 2016 and we process coffee into powder which we sell to Chinese shops. Currently we sell about four tonnes monthly. However the high taxes both in Uganda and China are limiting our growth. We also need capital to expand,” complained Ntumwa Birimumaso, the owner of Ubuntu Café.

Ubuntu Café was started by Birimumaso, who holds a degree in petroleum engineering from the Petroleum University of China.

The issue of accreditation and licensing of Ugandan teachers of English was raised by Ivan Kagimu, the founder of the New Vision Education Training School.

New Vision Education Training School operates at least nine branches in Shanghai city.

Kagimu complained that the Chinese government did not consider Ugandans as indigenous English language speakers.

Museveni Responds to Issues Raised by Ugandans in China

In response, President Museveni said he would discuss the issue of taxes and the accreditation, licensing and certification teachers of English with Xi Jinping on Thursday.

“President Jinping actually touched on the issue of taxing value-added products when he spoke to us at the just-concluded Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). I will raise it with him,” said Museveni.

“I also agree that our Bazukulu speak very good English. I will speak to President Xi on how they can be recognized and allowed to teach here,” he added.

Museveni also donated to $20,000 (about Shs 76m) to the association of Ugandan students in China after Timothy Mukisa, the association president requested for help. The money will run the association’s activities for a full year.

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