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Museveni: UN Preserving ADF in DR Congo

Museveni Praises Tanzania for Handing Over ADF Leader Jamil Mukulu for Prosecution

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Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has blasted the United Nations (UN) and the DR Congo government for ‘preserving’ Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.

Delivering his 2018 state of the nation address at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Wednesday, Museveni once again warned that the ADF rebels would face it rough if they crossed into Uganda.

“The terrorists of ADF are still in Congo, preserved there by the UN and the Congo government,” said Museveni.

Museveni with UN's Antonio Guterres. Courtesy Photo
Museveni with UN’s Antonio Guterres. Courtesy Photo

“If, however, they were to re-enter Uganda, they would be promptly and decisively defeated.”

Museveni said his ruling National Resistance Movement had defeated many rebels, and would therefore deal with the current wave of urban terrorism and crime.

“Uganda had a lot of challenges even after the NRM took power,” recalled Museveni.

“Eventually, by 2007, the UPDF totally defeated Kony, ADF, the other rebel groups and disarmed the Karimojong.”

The president further noted that the terrorists had run into towns after being hurled out of viallages.

“Rural-based terrorism and banditry was totally defeated and we built military and intelligence capacity to ensure that Uganda will never be threatened by terrorists operating from the rural areas,” said Museveni.

“Some of the terrorists of ADF as well as other criminal elements, seeing that they could not survive in the rural areas, infiltrated into the towns where we had not fully focused in terms of developing intelligence capacity.”

The president also lauded Tanzania for handing over ADF leader Jamil Mukulu for prosecution in Uganda.

“I salute our brothers, the Tanzanians, for arresting and handing over to us Jamil Mukulu.  He is now facing the Courts of Law.”

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