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Museveni: Sleeping NRM MPs are Better than Active Opposition Legislators

Museveni Tells Jinja East Voters to Reject Opposition's Paul Mwiru

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On Tuesday, Museveni campaigned for NRM candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta in Jinja ahead of a parliamentary by-election on Thursday.


NRM Supporters. Courtesy Photo
NRM Supporters. Courtesy Photo

Museveni told voters to elect NRM candidate Nabeta.

The NRM party chairperson has previously said he cannot work with opposition MPs.

“Even if an NRM MP was sick or sleeping, he is still better than an active opposition MP,” said Museveni.

Museveni hinged his assertion on the fact that opposition MPs block some of the bills he sponsors such as the recently passed age limit law.

The president added that opposition MPs are liars.

“Please do not support the Opposition. They do not help in our cause to fight poverty,” said Museveni.

“Instead they focus on lies, as though if elected they will bring about transformation by magic or voodoo.

The Jinja East seat fell vacant after court threw out Nabeta.

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