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Museveni: Selfish Opposition Politicians Responsible for Kampala Mess  

Museveni Criticizes Kampala Voters for Voting Selfish Opposition Politicians

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President Yoweri Museveni has blamed the mismanagement of Kampala city on the opposition politicians whom he has accused of selfishness.

On Friday, Museveni toured the Central Business District in Kampala where he addressed crowds of traders at places such as Nakasero Market, Kisekka Market and the Old Taxi Park.

The president also met shopping arcade owners and tenants at Qualicell Bus Terminal.

The president donated over Shs 1bn to different Saccos.

For example, he donated Shs 500m to Old Taxi Park Taxi Operators Association and Shs 100m to the Nakasero Market Main Sacco.

What Museveni Said During His Visit to Kampala Central Business District:

The traders concerns’ were largely about high rental fees, high electricity tariffs imposed by landlords and exorbitant charges for sanitary facilities among others.

Markets for the Poor

My view is that the markets should be reserved for low income earners. Rich people should not interfere in ownership of markets. Previous bad leadership in the city caused the sale of markets to rich people who have inconvenienced and driven off the poor from these facilities.

Market Land Titles

The government is working out modalities of retrieving these market titles from the rich and hand ownership back to vendors. Kampala Capital City Authority will help oversee management of these markets.

Opposition responsible for Kampala Mess

Whereas I commend traders in Owino and Nakasero markets for working hard to create wealth through their Saccos and responding to our NRM call on poverty eradication, I am unimpressed by the poor physical state of the Old Taxi Park.

I am told this is partly due to the leadership wrangles among the taxi park stakeholders, facilitated by opposition leaders in the city. Stop electing selfish leaders who only care about their salaries. However, we shall fix this matter.

Your problem is not reading the Bible. The Bible says one reaps what one sows. You previously sowed the opposition in Kampala. You sowed Ssebagala, Ssebana Kizito and Lukwago; and these MPs whom I never see.  I kept quiet and left you to God. Thanks you for getting these opposition politicians out of poverty.

Higher Electricity Prices

It is extortion for landlords to charge electricity fees higher than known Umeme rates.

It is illegal and it has to stop.

I have directed the minister of energy together with KCCA to ensure this stops.

KCCA should also stop the practice of charging fees for places of convenience.


I urge the business community to venture into manufacturing so that we cut down on importation of items like clothes, whose raw materials we have in Uganda. The Government will support those willing to get into manufacturing.

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