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Museveni: Rukungiri People Infected with FDC Disease

Museveni Accuses Besigye of Infecting Rukungiri People

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Museveni was in Rukungiri on Friday, where he launched a youth savings and credit cooperative at Kasoroza trading centre in Nyakagyeme sub county.

But the president, and chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, was unhappy that Besigye’s FDC is still rooted in the district.

Museveni told his NRM strategists to penetrate the district by winning the young people to the party.

“Those who have been left aside without being reached are the ones FDC comes and takes,’ said Museveni.

‘Besigye is using children we do not reach, those we neglect.”


Museveni then ‘diagnosed’ the problem of the district.

“People of Rukungiri, you became infested with FDC disease,” said the president.

“FDC failed you; you left leaders who would have helped you and you chose those who can’t help you and you never thought of keeping contact with those who have a record of transforming.”

He asked: “The FDC you joined where is its track record, what has it ever done?”

Earlier, there were reports, Rukungiri People has Shunned Museveni’s meetings.

This prompted Besigye to celebrate, saying Rukungiri had refused to recognise Museveni as president. 

But State House denied the claims.

Last Tuesday, Museveni told Jinja East voters to vote sleeping NRM MPs instead of active opposition legislators.

But voters defied Museveni and voted FDC’s Mwiru. 

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