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Museveni Not Sure of Number of Districts in Uganda

Museveni Forgets Number of Districts in Uganda

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Museveni has been creating districts in Uganda since he came to power over three-decades ago.

In 1986, Uganda had only 33 districts.

Museveni increased this number to 81 in 2008.

Now, Museveni has created more districts — and is also not aware of the number.


Speaking in Mityana on Tuesday to mark International Women’s Day, Museveni thought to compute how many women had benefited from the Women Fund.

Museveni said he had computed using 120 as the number of districts.

Visibly unsure of the number, Museveni turned to officials for clarification.

“How many districts do we have,” inquired Museveni.

To this, inquiry, some officials told Museveni there were currently over 130 districts.

At the same event, Museveni attacked men who beat women.

He also blasted Kayihura’s police as having been infiltrated by weevils.

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