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Museveni: I Can Die if you Touch Janet, I’ve Never Beaten Her in about 50 Years

How Museveni Handles Disagreements with First lady

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Speaking in Mityana on the event to mark women’s day, Museveni revealed how he handles disagreements with Janet Museveni.

Museveni attacked men who beat women, branding them foolish cowards.


Museveni said he would deal with anyone who ‘touched’ his daughters, sisters and wife.

The president added that he had never beaten his wife for close to five decades — for as long as their marriage.

“I have been with Janet for a very long time, close to 50 years but I have never even pushed her,” said Museveni.

“If she annoys me, I walk away and go elsewhere.”

Museveni added: “If you disturb my wife, I can even die.”

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