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Museveni, Kamugisha Discuss Fate of 11 Million Crime Preventers after Kayihura Sacking

Museveni, Crime Preventers' Leader Blaise Kamugisha Meet

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Museveni sacked Kayihura and security minister Henry Tumukunde on March 4.

After this, it remained unclear what would happen to 11 million crime preventers Kayihura manned through Kamugisha.

It is also unclear what Museveni wants done to the crime preventers forum since he had earlier been warned Kayihura wanted to use it to topple him.

But Kayihura has denied having any presidential ambitions.

Even Kamugisha has denied working to fulfill Kayihura’s reported presidential ambitions.

Kamugisha has also denounced Kayihura, albeit, tactfully, saying the forum was a Museveni project.


Museveni and Kamugisha met at the president’s country home of Rwakitura at the weekend.

Available reports indicate Museveni breathed a lease of life into the crime preventers forum.

There were reports that the group would be disbanded after Kayihura exit.

But if the smiles as seen in the photo of Museveni and Kamugisha in a jet are anything to go by, then crime preventers could be here for more years.

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