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MP Zaake Tells off Tormentor Katumba Wamala after Treatment in US

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Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi has told off his tormentor Gen Katumba Wamala ahead of his return from US where he had gone for treatment.

Zaake will return Friday, December 01, after undergoing treatment for injuries inflicted on him by former Commander of Defence Forces (CDF) Katumba Wamala.


Wamala punched Zaake in a scuffle at Parliament on September 27.

The scuffle also involved a Special Forces Command (SFC) raid on parliament. SFC officers forcefully ejected over 20 MP opposed to the age limit.

The MPs had defied speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s orders to vacate for singing down the age limit motion by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.

On Tuesday, opposition MPs stormed out of parliament after deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah declined to include a motion on the raid on the order paper.

On Wednesday, Oulanyah ‘apologised’ for the SFC raid on parliament.

is set to retun, will set foot in the country Friday December 1, 2017 after receiving treatment in the United States of America.

Badly injured by Special Forces Command soldiers, Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze, underwent a back surgery in India and has since returned home.


Zaake reportedly footed his medical bill after parliament delayed to disburse cash for his treatment.

Zaake’s bill was Shs 250m. He reportedly used age limit consultation money (Shs 29m) to top up for his bill.

The Pearl Times could not independently verify these claims.

There has been controversy in the MPs’ medical bills.

Last month, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, also injured in age limit scuffle, reportedly footed her bill with help of friends such as opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye.

Reports had indicated that parliament had declined to disburse money to Nambooze, an opposition MP.

But Parliament would later say Shs 120m had been wired to Nambooze’s account.

Nambooze underwent an operation in India, after which she praised Besigye.


“I am now aided by glasses to see,” says Zaake.

He adds that he will return “almost blind”.

Zaake also reveals that the medics told him he had narrowly survived severe brain damage.

Wamala’s punch had exerted a lot of pressure on the skull, risking brain damage.


“My voyage back home is due, I come back home with an embellished esprit de corps to the struggle albeit I have unequivocal alterations on my physique which emanate from the treatment, this did not affect my spirit, actually it has buttressed my reasons to soldier on and betray not my people,” Zaake said.

“I am well and I am coming back home on Friday 1st of December, 2017.”

Zaake has planned a thanksgiving service at Mityana Cathedral-Kiyinda. He returns Friday at 1pm.


“I will be thanking God for restoring my health and I will be grateful for your presence. Thank you.”


“I would also wish to notify my tormentors that I am coming back and that on that first day of the last month of this historical year in the history of Uganda,” wrote Zaake.

He has also vowed to continue with the struggle against age limit removal.

“I will come back to begin from where I stopped, I will come back more prepared to protect our constitution

“Although I will come back almost blind, this won’t stop my involvement in the struggle, even though I am donning these


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