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Mbabazi Man Set to Withdraw Age Limit Petition

Mbabazi Proxy Benjamin Alipanga Ponders Age Limit Petition Withdrawal in a Fortnight

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Alipanga had filed the petition to halt the constitutional amendment to remove the age limit in article 102(b).

Benjamin Alipanga had reasoned that it flouted constitutional for three-decade president Yoweri Museveni to stand for reelection in 2016.

He argued that Museveni would turn 75 in the middle of his term.

Yet Museveni was reelected president.

And in December 201, some 317 MPs voted to remove the age limit

Museveni also signed the age limit bill into law days later.


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This narrative is what forms the basis of Alipanga’s decision to withdraw the petition.

“My client says he wants to withdraw the matter on grounds that it was overtaken by events,” revealed Alipanga lawyer Michael Akampurira.

According to Akampurira, Alipanga will withdraw the petition in two weeks’ time.

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