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Maureen Kyalya: Why MP Sylivia Rwabwogo Should Resign Over Brian Isiko Imprisonment

Kyalya: You Don't Use a Gunshot to Stop a Child from Touching Fire

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I am deeply saddened by the imprisonment of Brian Isiko, a poor youth, sent to jail for texting by Hon Sylvia Rwabwogo, the Kabarole Woman MP.

Rwabwogo could have secured a restraining order against him first. Mothers should think about other mothers in everything they do.

Sylivia Rwabwogo. Courtesy Photo
Sylivia Rwabwogo. Courtesy Photo

Rwabwogo is a woman and should have considered his mother and family too.

As a national leader too, I wish to openly express my disappointment in securing such an extreme punishment for a first time offending poor young boy.

I do not agree with you Rwabwogo, I am afraid. So many young boys send such messages to me all the time and I am sure to you too because any beautiful woman whose face ends up on social media should expect that.

The only reason that boy was jailed was being poor and possibly not being defended.

I am sure you know that inviting him to meet to trap him is provocation, knowing how desperately someone needs something and telling them to come and get it.

Wrong is wrong and though you are a woman, you do not have empathy and should not be an MP at all.

I do appreciate you are of different tribes but we are all Ugandans and when you become MP you become a national figure and have to protect all Ugandans.

Do you even have an idea how many women throw themselves at Museveni, Besigye, Mbabazi every single day. Why wouldn’t a poor boy try their luck with a rich woman?

Did he really threaten to kill you for refusing his advances?

Are you suggesting that Cerinah Nebanda was not in love with his boyfriend or that his boyfriend who tried to save her life actually murdered her because he too was poor and from the same region as the one you just jailed?

Is this tribal discrimination or are you for real?

You were so selfish and did not ever think about the repercussions to the boy’s family. This was so trivial, honestly, but yes I can understand why Nambooze would go to jail for social media posts. She has potential to claim presidency but a YMCA boy whose parents couldn’t even push to university?

So the poor will be jailed for being sexually attracted to the rich and mighty. The low tribes to the high tribes. This is not right, I am sorry to disagree.

I actually hope you are not going to jail me too for telling you the truth but someone has to.

Kindly make arrangements to reportedly pay the same people you must have paid to release this boy and at least put him on community punishment with a restraining order.

I am not saying you did wrong to condemn him but you do not use a gunshot to stop a child from touching fire – which is exactly what you did. You have completely destroyed the life of a young boy and karma is a bitch; the tears of his mother could come to haunt you when you least expect it.

Please put this right; pride comes before a fall and like it or not this is a very big stain on your political career.

Maureen Kyalya is a former Presidential Candidate

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