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Video: Lawyer Amsterdam Tells Trump to Withdraw Military Funding to Museveni Government Over Bobi Wine Torture

Lawyer Amsterdam Speaks on Reports of Foreigners Funding Bobi Wine

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Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s lawyer Robert Amsterdam has asked the Donald Trump administration to freeze funding to Uganda’s military over the torture of his client.

Amsterdam joined Bobi Wine as the singer-turned-politician addressed the media at the National Press Club in Washington DC in his first mainstream press conference since the August violence in the West Nile Municipality of Arua.

Amsterdam said he was determined to probe the mysterious murders in Uganda that were thought to be politically motivated.

“We have made the determination that we are going to investigate the deaths, car accidents and suspicious poisoning of those who dare to speak about the government of Uganda,” said lawyer Amsterdam.

“Bobi Wine and his colleagues can no longer be silent victims of torture and brutality.”

He also accused the government of President Yoweri Museveni of attempting to kill Bobi Wine, as a way of sowing fear among the opponents of Museveni.

“The torture was a side play, what they wanted to do was kill him,” he said.

“They don’t want to debate policies, what they want to do is intimidate and break the opposition.”

He also told to Trump administration to stop funding Uganda’s military operations, including those in regional pacification campaigns.

“Uganda has a long standing history of political violence and this can no longer continue. We call onto the US government to suspend military funding to Uganda. We want the American tax payer to know what they are paying for,” he said.

“While Bobi Wine is here, we shall be meeting with congressmen and providing them with details of the level of brutality happening in Uganda. We want the American tax payer to know what they are paying for.”

He also dismissed Uganda government’s claims that Bobi Wine was supported by foreign agents.

“A lot of comments have been made that because Bobi has a foreign lawyer, there’s a foreign agent involved. That’s not true.”

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