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Kisoro District Leaders Want Museveni to Unconditionally Release Kayihura Because He’s a Loyal NRM Cadre

Kayihura Detention: Kisoro District Leaders Remind Museveni of Support to NRM

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Kisoro District leaders have appealed to President Yoweri Museveni “to prevail over the circumstances surrrounding the arrest and detention of Gen Kale Kayihura, and “order his unconditional release”.

In a July 17 letter to Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, who, like former police chief Kayihura, hails from Kigezi region, the leaders argue that their son should be “presumed innocent” as required by article 28(3) of the constitution.

“While the law enforcement agencies must carry out their work in interest of national and public security, it is incumbent on the same organs to perform their duties according to the established laws,” write the leaders in their petition.

“It is disheartening that General Kayihura has not been subjected to the due process of the law and there is hardly any attempt on part of government to reassure the people of Kisoro.”

They further remind Museveni that Kayihura had “diligently served” Uganda as Inspector General of Police (IGP) for 13 years.

For that reason, they argue, it is worrying that the president is looking on as the rights of a man whose “exceptional service inspired many people across the country, and his generosity, humility and loyalty won many hearts to the National Resistance Movement (NRM)”.

NRM is Museveni’s political party.

The president has previously praised Kayihura for being a loyal NRM cadre.

During Kayihura’s tenure as IGP, Uganda’s opposition severally complained of the police chief’s involvement in partisan politicans.

He is notorious and famous — at the same time — for quelling the 2011 walk-to-work protests led by Dr Kizza Besigye, Museveni’s now four-time presidential opponent, and former physician.

They further remind Museveni of Kisoro’s support for the NRM.

“The circumstances surrounding his arrest and detention have left many questioning the way the government rewards loyalty,” further wrote the petitioners.

“The people of Kisoro have consistently supported NRM and have been proud of the achievements of General Kayihura in his steadfast career and dedicated service to the government.”

The leaders have also told Museveni of the values of Kayihura’s tribe.

“The character, values and loyalty Kayihura exuded in his career define the Bafumbira whose dedicated service is document through  the years,” they further appealed to Museveni.

The group has also sought audience with the president, with a view of reflecting on “the alternatives that may be sought to have General Kayihura out of confinement”.

The NRM cadre has been detained at Makindye Military barracks for over a month.

Kisoro leaders petition Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda over Kale Kayihura detention
Kisoro leaders petition Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda over Kale Kayihura detention




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