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Kabwegyere to Besigye: Be Careful with Muntu

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Former minister Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere has warned opposition doyen Dr Kizza Besigye of former army commander and ex-Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Mugisha Muntu.

Kabwegyere, a former minister of general duties in the premier’s office, argues that FDC’s recent presidential poll could leave Besigye alone.

Last week, Muntu lost to Kumi Municipality MP Patrick Amuriat.

Amuriat was Besigye’s favourite candidate, making the contest look like a Besigye-Muntu battle. 

Besigye’s supporters accused Muntu of being a mole for three-decade president Yoweri Museveni. Muntu has denied working for Museveni. 


Kabwegyere has further argued that Muntu has a significant following that could sink the party if he chose to walk away.

The former Igara West MP also faults Besigye for taking a side in the Muntu-Amuriat race.


“A significant number supported Mugisha Muntu and there are some people who never supported defiance.

“What would remain if they left?” Kabwegyere told NBS TV on Tuesday.

He added that Besigye’s defiance has now caught up with the party.

“If tomorrow Muntu started a defiance against FDC, what would remain of FDC? Defiance is now within FDC.”

Muntu has Wednesday said he would not quit FDC as reports had predicted.

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