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Jacob Oulanyah, Local Authorities Expose Minister Aceng ‘Lies’ on Nodding Disease

Jacob Oulanyah Accuses Minister of Being Insensitive to Nodding Disease Victims

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Oulanyah, also Omoro County MP, delivered house hold supplies to families affected by nodding disease in Omoro at the weekend.

Recently, health minister Aceng said there was no nodding disease in northern Uganda.

Aceng said the last cases of nodding disease syndrome in northern Uganda were recorded in 2012.


But Oulanyah and Omoro district authorities have rubbished Aceng’s comments as lies.

According to Oulanyah, Aceng and her health ministry officials are not on the ground.

“We are on the ground, when we speak they should listen,” said Jacob Oulanyah.

“You don’t just say since 2012 there has been no new case when the people are saying there are children with the symptoms.”

Omoro Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Africano Aharikundira said the local authorities “disagree” with Aceng’s statements.

Aharikundira advised Aceng  and health ministry officials to conduct research.

According to Omoro district chairman Douglas Okello, 62 new cases of nodding disease had been recorded.

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