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Here is Suspected Susan Magara Killer, a Police Informant Named in Seven other City Murders

 Ronald Asiimwe Kanyankore: Key Suspect in Susan Magara Murder

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The key suspect, arrested by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), is a man of criminal record, a man whose hands are accused of shedding blood in seven other murders.

This man is named Ronald Asiimwe aka Kanyankore.

Kanyankore has been previously arrested over city murders.


Suspected Susan Magara killer Ronald Asiimwe aka Kanankore
Suspected Susan Magara killer Ronald Asiimwe aka Kanankore
  • Ronald Asiimwe Kanyankore has been named in city murders
  • He is a police informer
  • Named in murder of city taxi drivers
  • Confessed contract killer
  • Hired by city businessmen to kidnap and kill

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