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Frank Gashumba to Daughter Sheila: You’ll Understand Why I Beat You When You Become a Mother

Sheilah Gashumba Shows off Wounds from Dad Frank Gashumba Beating

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Motor-mouthed social commentator Frank Gashumba has told his daughter to wait until she has become a mother and she’ll appreciate why he beat her.

Frank Gashumba recently beat up his daughter Sheilah, an NTV presenter.

It later emerged that Sheilah had returned home drunk with friends.

Gashumba later said he did not want his daughter to fall in the trap of bad company.

Bad friends, argued Gashumba, would drown Sheilah, and bring her down yet her father had done a lot to make her successful over the years.

According to Frank Gashumba, Sheilah will only understand the reason for his strictness and why he lashed her when she has become a parent.

“Lwolikakasa Nti Kitaawo Yali Mutuufu Ng’omaze Naawe Kuzaala Baana Ne Bakula [You will realize that your father was right when you have grown up children],” wrote Frank Gashumba.

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