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FDC Ready for Nabeta Court Battle, Dares NRM on Museveni Term Extension Referendum

Amuriat: We are not Worried of NRM, We'll Meet them in Court

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Last week, NRM candidate Igeme Nabeta lost to opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Paul Mwiru in the Thursday poll.

Three-decade president Yoweri Museveni had told voters to elect sick, sleeping MPs instead of active NRM MPs.

Museveni is the NRM chairperson.

A day after losing, NRM said they would challenge Mwiru’s victory in court.


Speaking at FDC headquarters on Monday, FDC president Patrick Amuriat insisted the Jinja East election was a referendum.

“I would like to report that we are just returning from Jinja East where there was a referendum against the dictatorship,” said Amuriat.

“Amidst the high presence of security, both the military and the police and the military police and thugs armed with batons, ballot paper staffing, Paul Mwiru is now the MP elect and he is FDC.”

Amuriat explained why he Mwiru’s victory is important, especially as he celebrates 100 days in office.

“His victory for us is important as it came within my first 100 days and this is significant because it is the first parliamentary by-election that the FDC has won,” said Amuriat.

“So the president who stands before you brings Omukisa [luck] to this party.”

On the legal party the NRM has declared, Amuriat said: “We are waiting for them in Court and we are not worried.”

He has since dared the NRM on the Museveni term extension referendum.

“Let them [NRM] dare go for a referendum and the FDC will show them what they are capable of.”

When 317 MPs removed age limit, they also extended their term by two years.

But for Museveni’s to be extended, voters have to decide in a referendum.

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