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Brian White Turns Weasel into Maize Flour Carrier

Brian White now Weasel's Porter

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Weasel is now part of Brian White Foundation, a charity organization.

Weeks ago, Weasel’s manager Chagga announced he had ended the singer’s relationship with Brian White over disrespectful comments.

But Weasel made a u-turn and reconciled with Brian White. 

Under pressure from Brian White, Weasel even fired manager Chagga.


A photo has now emerged of Weasel carrying a sack of maize flour.

The photo is from one of Brian White Foundation charity events.

Weasel was once angry with Brian White for ordering him to pay attention whenever he is speaking.

But Weasel seems to have swallowed his pride and is now ready to listen to the rich Brian White.

Some like singer Bebe Cool argue that Weasel may not have a music career after Mowzey Radio’s death.

But Weasel vowed to keep singing after Mowzey Radio burial.

Indeed, Weasel has released a Mowzey Radio tribute song Tokyayitaba and teamed up with Spice Diana in ’32’.

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