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Bobi Wine: We’ll Remove Museveni from Power if He Refuses to Scrap Off Social Media Tax

Bobi Wine: Museveni Must Remove OTT Tax if He Still Wants to be in Power

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Kyadondo East MP and musician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has threatened to rally Ugandans to remove three-decade president Yoweri Museveni from power if he refuses to scrap social media tax.

Also known as the tax on over the top (OTT) services, social media tax took effect on July 1.

President Museveni said the Shs 200 daily levy on social media use was meant to curtail gossip and also to raise much needed revenue.

In July, there were protests over the tax as well as that on mobile money transactions, which has been revised.

An emerging figure in the politics of Uganda since he emerged as a new kid on the political scene when he was elected MP, Bobi Wine was part of the social media tax protests.

He eluded arrest but some of his colleagues were not as lucky: they were arrested and charged, with among other offences, stealing handcuffs.

Parliament has started scrutinizing the implication of the much criticized taxes, with a view of making revisions after petitions from mobile money agents, among other stakeholders.

Mobile money agents have seen significant reductions in the number of customers as well as a drop in transactions.

Even telecom companies have registered a fall in profits – with billions of Uganda shillings lost as a result of the tax.

The taxes were hastily approved — if the contradictions in statements between President Museveni and the finance ministry officials, and the revisions in the mobile money tax, are any thing to go by.

And now as the same parliament that approved the taxes seeks to make more revisions, Bobi Wine has threatened that the levies could end Museveni’s rule if they are not removed.

“All these taxes must be removed,” insisted Bobi Wine while appearing on a Radio Simba Saturday morning show.

He said his fellow #ThisTaxMustGo activists had requested to appear before the finance committee handling proposed amendments on the taxes, to explain to them why the levies must fall.

He also pledged to rally Ugandans to pressurize their MPs to knock off the taxes when it comes to time for voting on the matter in parliament.

“If they don’t remove those taxes, we shall end up pushing Mzee [Museveni] from power,” he warned.

“Mzee [Museveni] has to remove these taxes if he still want to be in power.”

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