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Bobi Wine: Andrew Mwenda’s Mind Locked in a Box, it’s Limited

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Musician and politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi has taken on controversial journalist Andrew Mwenda, launching a fierce attack on his intellect and honesty when discussing politics.

Bobi Wine and Andrew Mwenda faced off during a Thursday night live show on NBS.


Mwenda accused Bobi Wine and the opposition of being violent. He kept referring to the Kyadondo East MP as a member of the Misrata brigade.

Misrata was one of the most volatile Libyan districts in the violence that ended Muammar Gadaffi’s rule.

Mwenda said he did not support three-decade president Yoweri Museveni but was rather not impressed by the violent opposition.

“Bobi Wine is trying to box me into the corner by saying that I support Museveni. I don’t support Museveni,” said Mwenda.

“If the opposition need people like us to support them, they need to change attitude.”

Bobi Wine then shot back: “These guys love twisting facts. They want the public to believe that we are violent.”

“I was holding a stick but Museveni at my age was holding a gun. We stood up to defend ourselves. We are not the sitting type. Let’s not lie with impunity and hide facts.”

Mwenda said he preferred Mugisha Muntu who opposition FDC party rejected in last month’s presidential poll.

“If Muntu was president of FDC, I would go around the country campaigning for him. Muntu presents different values,” said Mwenda.

Bobi Wine interpreted Mwenda’s statement to mean that only Muntu, Museveni and four time challenger Dr Kizza Besigye were the only eligible candidates.

In fact, Mwenda laughed at Besigye for wanting to be FDC’s everlasting flag bearer.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has previously accused Besigye of fighting Muntu just to compete with Museveni. 

Indeed, at another talk show on NTV, Besigye finally spoke out on standing for president in 2021.


Bobi Wine then accused Mwenda of having a ‘limited minde.

“I feel like Mwenda’s mind has been locked up in a box that has Besigye, Museveni and Muntu,” said Bobi Wine.

“His mind is limited.”

He added that Uganda was bigger than Mwenda’s knowledge.

“This country is bigger than Besigye, Museveni and Muntu. I’m here as independent to support values. Uganda is bigger than what you know.”

He also accused Mwenda of misleading Ugandans.

“These so called intellectuals are meant to mislead people. I want to insist that this is a national issues.”

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