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‘Besigye Has Thrown Muntu Under FDC Truck’

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Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo. Opondo says Besigye and FDC have thrown Muntu under party truck
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo. Opondo says Besigye and FDC have thrown Muntu under party truck

Two weeks ago, the FDC delegates threw Mugisha Muntu under their moving rickety truck and brought in former Kumi county, Patrick Amuriat Oboi as new party president in what many believe was Kizza Besigye’s political handiwork.

Amuriat, while not a political novice, was defeated in a parliamentary seat in 2016, and so one can say he has been brought back from the political dead. To what useful ends, only Besigye and his sidekicks perhaps know.

Amuriat, in futile effort to be relevant, but sounding unintelligent has said that his immediate mission after the election is to reclaim Besigye’s 2016 presidential ‘victory’, and many wonder how that is really possible even if it were true that Besigye actually won.

It’s unbelievable that Amuriat who couldn’t defend his seat which had held for fifteen years is now promising to reclaim Besigye’s ‘victory’ instead. Amuriat was flogged by Ismael Orot, then LCV chairperson.

After his dabbing with a score difference of 178 in an electoral college of 1,249, Muntu in angry dry tone, vowed that in ‘weeks and months ahead’ he would tell Ugandans his decision on ‘the way forward’. It came to pass only four days later with nothing much to write home about. Apparently his gods had been speaking to persuade him away from a taking a foolish direction.

Indeed, at a hastily arranged media conference on Wednesday, that had been billed by some as Muntu’s moment of reckoning, he only managed announce that he was still in FDC, as if he really had many logical political choices to make.


Muntu appeared to have been brought to conference at gun-point to deflect the political firestorm that was swirling around him that he and some of his supporters were considering breaking away to form a new political party.

My considered view is that Muntu doesn’t have many logical options and he will remain a lame-duck-double figure in FDC.

He cannot afford to be seen as the one who destroyed FDC, and thereby prove his detractors right that indeed he was an NRM mole as they have been alleging.

Instead of outlining how much relevance he still has in FDC, Muntu made a clarion call for removing President Museveni because, like many in opposition, they know it pays to pick a fight and feud with Museveni.

It gives them the undeserved visibility even when he isn’t paying much attention to them. The claim that he will conduct ‘effective mobilization’ to dislodge President Museveni is hogwash because neither FDC nor NRM members felt him, the reason he was ousted.


In private Muntu will be tortured by his inability to politically die. For now, he and the Besigyeists could have buried the hatchet, though in a shallow grave, united once more by their futile intent to make Museveni scapegoat.

Besigye, as the bully child who never allows others to play with his toys, has masterminded a soft coup against Muntu, which leaves Amuriat hostage, and without doubt, eyes firmly set on the FDC flag in 2021.

Besigye could as well install his wife Winnie Byanyima recently moved from London to Nairobi as elections draw closer.

I cannot shed off the suspicion why FDC allowed this to happen except for the pleasure of making Besigye the-ever-present groom at their wedding parties, or to say that nothing works without him.

Credible information suggest that Nandala Mafabi is set to return as LOP, thereby burying his sword for a while, as they get united by the awkward belief they are messiahs for the easterners who they claim have long been marginalized, have never a party president, and so we wait to see if that trick helps them.

Among the other changes anticipated is that Roland Kaginda (Rukungiri municipality) could take over from Ibrahim Semujju Nganda as chief opposition whip.

Perhaps the public need to know that Besigye never handed over any party files to Muntu, and was never personally present when Muntu assumed office, and therefore no records. Whoever disagrees with Besigye’s direction is seen and treated as a traitor, mole and having been bribed by Museveni, the reason on election D-Day they circulated base and false rumours that Muntu was distributing to delegates campaign money given to him by President Museveni.

The FDC Besigye fane has particularly taken advantage of the un-policed social media platform to spread their unrefined insults against those they disagree with as they pick hate narrative Besigye leaves in his wake.

Some analysts suggest that Besigye preferred Amuriat because he can appropriately make opposition political activities to centre on him especially the campaign against article 102(b) which had overshadowed Besigye as is being led by MPs not behold to him. As Amuriat settles in, he shouldn’t be as boastful as he has been this past one week because he should surely know that NRM took out Augustine Ruzindana, John Kazoora, Jack Sabiiti, Alice Alaso, Kasiano Wadri, Wafula Oguttu, Salaamu Musumba, Geoffrey Ekanya, and Christine Abia among others who have all gone silent. By constantly attacking the NRM, sometimes for no valid reason, Amuriat could be digging a very deep ditch to bury himself.

Ofwono Opondo is the spokesperson of Uganda government

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