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Besigye Speaks out on Standing for President in 2021

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Four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has opened up on standing for president in 2021, when Uganda will hold general elections.

Besigye has challenged three-decade president Yoweri Museveni since 2001, albeit unsuccessfully.

Besigye was Museveni’s doctor in the bush war that brought Museveni to power in 1986.

Some pundits have accused Besigye of ‘overstaying in opposition’.

They point to a recent presidential election in Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) where Besigye supported Patrick Amuriat against Mugisha Muntu.

Amuriat beat Mugisha Muntu.

But people like government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo believe Besigye is using Amuriat to stand in 2021.


Besigye told NTV’s Patrick Kamara in a Thursday night show that the struggle to redeem Uganda was not about 2021.

“The struggle is not about 2021 election,” said Besigye.

“2021 will not cause a change even if Besigye is a candidate or not.”

Besigye’s answer was inconclusive on whether he would stand or not. So, host Kamara asked the same question towards the end.

And Besigye answered: “What I pray for, and what I wake up to do every day, is that we have a transition before 2021,” Besigye said.

He then added that he would never be on the ballot as soon as a transition from Museveni has been achieved.

“And after that transition you will not see me as a candidate.”

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