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Besigye Speaks out on Muntu Decision to Stay in FDC

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Uganda’s opposition doyen Dr Kizza Besigye has spoken out on former FDC president Mugisha Muntu’s decision not to quit FDC.

On Wednesday, Muntu told reporters at Hotel Africana in Kampala that he would stay in FDC. 

Muntu’s announcement comes days after he lost to former Kumi municipality MP Patrick Amuriat in the FDC presidential race.

Amuriat’s chances were boosted by the support of Uganda’s opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye.

Besigye supporters blamed Muntu of being a moderate and a mole of Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni. But Muntu denied the claims.


Muntu said he would not panick into making decisions because of last week’s loss to Amuriat.

“We don’t intend to make rush decisions. We don’t want to make these decisions on emotion or out of frustration,” he said.

“I would like to ask fellow party members and Ugandans to keep calm. These decisions can not be made out of emotion, these are life and death matters.”

Muntu also argued that even if he quit politics, he would still offer advice to FDC.

“I am a transparent person, I’m a democrat and an honest person. In whatever I do, I will make sure it benefits FDC and this country.


Besigye has praised Muntu’s move to stay in FDC as “a good statement”.

“A good statement by Gen Muntu on way forward after FDC Party Leader election,” Besigye tweeted.

“Continuing to mobilise is right and doesn’t undermine the Party Leader- it compliments! We’re ONE UGANDA.”


Besigye has also hailed a move by Amuriat to talk with Muntu and deploy him in FDC structures.

On Sunday, Amuriat hinted at the formation of FDC Elders Council, to which Muntu could be deployed.

Besigye described Amuriat’s extension of an olive branch to Muntu as a good gesture.

“Good that FDC election is quickly put behind us. We much refocus on defending the Constitution; defending our land and reclaiming our country!”

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