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Besigye: Rukungiri People Don’t Recognise Museveni as President

Besigye on Rukungiri People Reportedly Shunning Museveni Rukungiri Activities

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On Friday, opposition activists published photos which they said were of Museveni’s activities in Rukungiri.

In the photos, Museveni was addressing just a few people.

State House has since dismissed the photos as doctored to mudsling Museveni. 


Besigye, and other opposition activists, have quoted Museveni as telling those who shunned him that they will die in poverty.

The opposition kingpin adds that the people of Rukungiri “told him [Museveni] they have their president”.

Rukungiri is Besigye’s home district.

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He enjoys considerable support here.

After the 2016 general elections which the electoral commission said Besigye had lost, Besigye swore himself in as the people’s president.

But no district has come up to recognise him as president.

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