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Nambooze Responds to Speaker Kadaga’s Threats to Kick Her Out of Parliament over Absenteeism

Kadaga Threatens Disciplinary Action against Nambooze

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Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has written to Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke, warning to take disciplinary action against her over absenteeism.

Kadaga wrote to Nambooze, a vibrant member of the Committee on Public Service and Local Government, a week before her arrest over the murder of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Kadaga noted that Nambooze had been absent several times without permission from her office contrary to parliamentary rules of procedure.

Kadaga letter to Nambooze
Kadaga letter to Nambooze

Nambooze Responds to Kadaga

But Nambooze has told local media that she was “surprised” by the letter of warning. 

“I was waiting for a get-well-soon card from my speaker,” Nambooze said. 

“But I instead got a letter of indictment accusing me of absenting myself from committees in the last session.”

Since September 2017, Nambooze’s health has seen her in and out of hospital, including travelling to India for surgery. 

She was injured during the age limit scuffle at parliament. 

Kadaga, who previously checked on Nambooze, did not visit Nambooze nor broach her issue in parliament even when the firebrand MP was ‘held’ at Kiruddu Hospital on charges of offensive communication and inciting violence. 

Nambooze has since flown to India for treatment. 

She is expected to meet her doctors on Thursday. 

She was supposed to travel over a fortnight ago but was detained after cancellation of her police bond. 

Nambooze said Kadaga is aware of her current situation. 

“She was properly informed [of my health condition] by a letter from ministry of health,” said Nambooze. 

The Mukono MP has since requested for prayers from the speaker. 

“I can’t predict what is going to become of my health but I ask the speaker and everyone else to pray for me.” 

She added that she doesn’t need “any whipping when I am in good health.”

“I am one of those MPs who can whip themselves,” she said. 

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