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Bebe Cool Unveils Multi-billion House in Naalya

Bebe Cool's Naalya House

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This after Bebe Cool showed off another house in Naalya.

The Naalya house cost the Ntuuyo Zange singer billions of money.

Days ago Bebe Cool unveiled another mansion in Kiwatule. 

Bebe Cool‘s Naalya house sits on 2.5 acres of land is also near completion.

Finally, Bebe Cool will survive land lords knocking at his door for rent, after being one of the dominant musicians in the past two decades.

  1. Gizam Moses says

    Someone help tell Dr. Jose Chameleon the Big Size is not only Big but a man of his words, he said he will start unveiling land titles as demanded by Chameleon, but now what does Chameleon benefit from seeing properties much expensive that his few that he has been bragging about, so Bebe have the most expensive houses and produces the most expensive videos. We are waiting for Chameleon’s next move

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