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Barbi Jay Sex-in-Car Scandal: Queen Dancer ‘Girlfriend’ Gives Her Version of the Story

He Didn't Touch Me: Barbi Jay Queen Dancer Opens up on Sex in Car Scandal

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First, Barbi Jay’s queen dancer ‘girl friend’ goes by the name ‘Rose Nankya’.

Police arrested Barbi Jay at recently in Rubaga for reportedly eating his queen dancer’s ‘black panther’ in a car parked by the roadside.

Barbi Jay has since spoken out on ‘eating’ his queen dancer’s ‘blank panther’.

Barbi Jay’s furious Tanzanian Baby Mama had vowed  to Deal with Cheater Boyfriend, Co-Wife.

Barbi Jay returned home last Friday after hiding from his bitter baby mama for about a week.


According to Rose Nankya, “We were from a show and both tired”.

This tallies with what Barbi Jay had told his baby mama.

“He stopped to buy me something and that’s when the Police intervened.”

Rose Nankya adds that they were “both tired” and “decided to pull the seats back so that we can rest as we waited for the food”.

Did Barbi Jay touch Rose Nankya?

“I know his wife had just given birth so there was no way I could accept,” says Rose Nankya.

“He didn’t even touch me.”

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